Forest. Mushrooms. GLISH ART — Timofey Glinin & Anastasia Shubina

Fragment of videoart


Performance, 60 min

Musical lecture “The neuroeffects of mushrooms”, narrated in a whisper and played by the “Tawagoto to sutikku” musical project. Music is born with the help of authentic self-made instruments created from artifacts found in the forests. The performance is accompanied by videoart. The forest appears as a complex symbiotic organism permeated with fungal mycorrhiza, rhizomes and mushroom bodies. A visual walk becomes an act of self-immersion, where the forest turns out to be a model of our body, and the mycelium is the prototype of neural networks, connectome and intellection. The performance, which began as a lecture on neurobiology and mycology, is transformed into a musical mystical revelation under the influence of  music and videoart.

Lecturer: Timofey Glinin

Videoart: Anastasia Shubina

Music and performance: Alexandr Mashanov, Alyona Mitropova (Tawagoto to sutikku)

Photos of the performance: Anastasia Shubina, Vladislav Kuchinskiy


  • “Forest.Mushrooms”, December 27, 28, 2021, January 22, 31, February 26, March 24, 2022. Etude Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia.