GLISH is an art association founded by Timofey Glinin and Anastasia Shubina, visual artists, working together from 2018. Currently based in San Francisco. 

Anastasia Shubina is a multidisciplinary artist from St. Petersburg. She works with documentary and conceptual photography, film and video art. He has a philosophical education, as well as education in the field of cinema and photography. Her work has been presented at solo and group exhibitions, as well as at a number of film festivals in Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Finalist and winner of competitions. In her personal projects, she explores the themes of mythology, anthropology, and historical trauma.

Timofey Glinin is an artist and film director from St. Petersburg. He studied biology at Saint Petersburg State University and attended courses at the Saint Petersburg School of New Cinema, worked as a scientist, entrepreneur, and writer. His work has been presented at a number of international film festivals and exhibitions in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia. In his projects, he explores the themes of futurism, transhumanism and modern science.

About us. GLISH ART — Timofey Glinin & Anastasia Shubina

Personal exhibitions

2022: “Amanita Muscaria”, personal exhibition during Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

2022: “Amanita Muscaria”, personal exhibition, Art Kvartal Photo Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

2021: “The Second sun”, Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin personal exhibition, Zerno Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2023: Exhibition of The Bar-Tur Photo Award winners, Instytut Fotografii Fort, Warsaw, Poland.

2023: AI Has a soul, ANU Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2023: Myth about Myth exhibition, Art-Standard gallery, Moscow.

2023: Exhibition of The Bar-Tur Photo Award winners, F³ — Space for Photography (F³ — Freiraum für Fotografie), Berlin, Germany.

2022: Portfolio 2022, F-Stop magazine online exhibition.

2022: Pictures of the Year Asia (POY Asia) exhibition, Mindful Art Forum (MAF), Seoul, South Korea.

2022: “Pineapple juice”, Saratov, Russia. Group exhibition, August 2022.

2022: Portrait 2022, F-Stop magazine online exhibition.

2022: “Thirteen”, The “Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art” (NPAK), Yerevan, Armenia

2022: “Where you are”, Nikolsky rows, St. Petersburg, Russia

2022: “Festival pinhole peru”, Peru

2022: “New vision of Saint Petersburg”, Mariinsky palace, St. Petersburg, Russia

Awards & Screenings


2023 — Pictures of the Year Asia (POY Asia) 2023, Portrait Series, 1st place

2022 — Bartur Photo Award, Faces of Humanity Student Award, 3d place.

2022 — Bartur Photo Award, Ann Lesley Bartur Student Award, Highly Commended Winner

2022 — Pictures of the Year Asia (POY Asia) 2022, Project “Deportation”, Issue Reporting Picture Story, Finalist.

2022 — Lenscratch Student Prize, 25 to watch

2022 — Theater award “Golden Mask”: “Forest. Mushrooms” performance, part of theater project “Forest” is in the long-list.

2021 — Street Photo Russia, Top-100 photographers, included in photobook.

2021 — International Women In Photo Association Award 2021/2022, short-list



Cinéma du réel — Festival international du film documentaire, Competition, Paris, World Premiere. March 25, 2023. “Prix des détenues” AWARD

Sheffield DocFest — Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Official selection 2023, Sheffield, UK, UK premiere. 16 May 2023. 

Beat Film Festival, international documentary festival, National competition 2023, Moscow, Russia, Russian Premiere. V-A-C foundation AWARD

DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival, Baku, Azerbaijan, September 26, 2023, Best Short Documentary AWARD

Festival Cinemistica, Granada, Spain, November 20, 2023, Best Anthropological Film AWARD

International Film Festival “The World of Knowledge”, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, October 7, 2023, National competition, GRAND PRIX

National award 'Laurel Branch', shortlisted for the Best Debut

National award 'Dziga Vertov Prize', shortlisted for the Best Debut

Musée du quai Branly — Jacques Chirac, Paris, France, Screening at 28 May 2023. The film is part of the museum’s collection

AegeanDocs International Film FestivalNorth Aegean Islands, Greece, October 17, 2023, Official Selection.

Apricot Tree International Documentary Film Festival, Debet, Armenia, August 20, 2023, Short film competition

Saratov Sufferings Documentary Drama Film Festival, Saratov, Russian Federation, September 9, 2023, International competition

CorsicaDoc International Documentary Film Festival, Ajaccio, France, October 13, 2023, New talents competition

DocuWest Documentary Film Festival, Denver, United States, October 20, 2023, American Premiere, Official selection

Mostra Internacional de Cinema Documental ‘Mares da Fin do Mundo’ — Documentary Film Festival, La Coruña, Spain, November 1, 2023, International competition

Etnovideografica — International Ethnovideographic Festival, Zamora, Spain, November 9, 2023, International competition

FIFMA — Festival International du Film de Montagne d’Autrans, Autrans, France, November 30, 2023, International Competition

SiberiaDOC International Film Festival, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation, December 5, 2023, International competition

Tokyo Documentary Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, December 14, 2023, Visual anthropology and Ethnographic film Competition

Ethnofest — Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, Athens, Greece, December 3, 2023, Official selection

International Folklore Film Festival, Kerala, India, January 7, 2024, Official selection

Festival des Courts en hiver, Porto-Vecchio, France, January 25, 2024, Official selection

Chennai International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Chennai, India, February 20, 2024, Official selection

Film and Folklore Festival, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, March 1, 2024, Official selection

Artdocfest, Riga, Latvia, March 7, 2024, Open Competition

International Film Festival “Fishermen of the world”, Lorient, France, March 20, 2024, International competition

Doc.London Documentary Film Festival, London, United Kingdom, March 27, 2024, London premiere, Official selection

71st Martovski Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, March 29, 2024, Serbian premiere, International competition

Ethnografilm Paris, Paris, France, April 1, 2024, Official selection

Ecozine Film Festival, Zagaragoza, Spain, April 5, 2024, Official selection

Festival International des Films Identitaires et Solidaires, Nikki, Benin, April 27, 2024, Official selection

72th Trento Film Festival 2024, Trento, Italy, May 1, 2024, Italian premiere, International competition

The Quebec International Ethnographic Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, May 10, 2024, Canadian premiere, Official selection

IndieLisboa — International Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, May 25, 2024, Portuguese premiere, Competition

Short documentary film festival “Bistre Reke” (Clear Rivers), Belgrade, Serbia, July 20, 2024, Official selection

Images en Bibliothèques / Mois du doc, Paris, France


KinoDrome: International Motion Picture & Screenplay Festival, United States, 2021, Winner

Fisura, International Experimental Film and Video Festival, Mexico, 2022, Official Selection

Balkan Can Kino, Greece, 2022, Official Selection

Esto Es Para Esto, Mexico, 2022, Official Selection

Experimental Films Online, Mexico, 2022, Official Selection

Symbol of Knowledge Arts And International Film Festival, India, 2022, Official Selection

One Shot International Short Film Festival, Armenia, 2022, Official Selection “Moving Forward”

NIZINA self-publishing and multimedia festival, Russia, 2022, Official Selection

Accordi @ DISACCORDI — International Short Film Festiva, Italy, 2021, Official Selection

Interface Video Art Festival, Croatia, 2021,  Official Selection

18 Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Argentina (Tigre, Quilmes and Medellin), 2021, Official Selection

17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece, 2021, Official Selection

Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Japan (Tokyo), 2021, Official Selection

Engauge Experimental Film Festival, United States, 2021, Official Selection

Festival Internacional de Cine Silente México Festival Internacional de Cine Silente, México, 2021,  Official Selection

Bizarrya Short Film Festival, Portugal, 2021, Official Selection

Experimental Superstars, Serbia, 2021, Official Selection

Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival, Japan (Kyoto), 2021, Official Selection

Guttercast Film Festival, United States, 2021, Official Selection

Lift-Off Online Sessions, United Kingdom, 2021, Official Selection

First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions, United Kingdom, Official Selection

Noble International Film Festival And Awards, India, 2021, Official Selection

Sessions By Lift-Off Global Network, United Kingdom, 2021, Official Selection

“The Art of Falling Apart”:

DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, Republic of Korea, 2019, World Premiere


2023: Dreamscape unveiled, A Visual Dialogue, See-zeen magazine. 

2023: Deportation, Float Photo Magazine. 

2023: Nomadic Future, A visual dialog, See-zeen magazine. 

2023: Сложить всю жизнь в один чемодан”. Чем релоканты из России занимаются в Армении (“Put your whole life in one suitcase.” What relocants from Russia do in Armenia), RTVI. 

2023: Остальную Россию здесь называют “материком”. Чукчи и эскимосы на берегу океана (The rest of Russia is called “mainland” here. Chukchi and Eskimos on the shore of Arctic ocean), Sibir Realii. 

2023: Life on the Chukchi Sea coast A film shot in Chukotka offers a glimpse of one of Russia’s Arctic Indigenous cultures, Meduza. 

2023: Amanita Muscaria, See-zeen magazine.

2022: Amanita Muscaria, F-Stop magazine.

2022: Relocation. Armenia (“Anti-war protests, environmental clean-ups and cuddle parties. How Russian emigrants live in Yerevan”) Republic.

2022: Deportation (“Самое страшное, оказывается, ждало нас впереди” / “The worst, it turns out, was waiting for us ahead”). Republic. (Anastasia Shubina)

2022: Deportation of the Karachays, Vlesah. 

2022: Deportation (“Бабушка в дороге умерла, и ее выкинули“/ “Grandmother died on the road and was thrown out”).  (Anastasia Shubina)

2022: Deportation, Private. (Anastasia Shubina)

2021: Deportation (“Не додумались, что отправят, а потом голодовали” / “We didn’t think that we would be expelled and then we starved”). Такие дела / (Anastasia Shubina)


2023: Entretien avec Anastasia Shubina et Timofey Glinin, réalisateurs de Piblokto. Mediapart. 

2022: Interview with photographers Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin, F-Stop magazine.


2022: “Ecology of consciousness”,  Grand Hotel Emerald, St. Petersburg, Russia

2021-2023: “Forest.Mushrooms”, Etude Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia (Timofey Glinin, Anastasia Shubina, Alexandr Mashanov, Alyona Mitropova)

2021: “Ecology of consciousness”, New stage of the Alexandrinsky theater, St. Petersburg, Russia (Timofey Glinin, Anastasia Shubina, Alexandr Mashanov, Alyona Mitropova)

2021: “Ecology of consciousnes”, “The World of Knowledge Film Festival”, closing ceremony, St. Petersburg, Russia (Timofey Glinin, Anastasia Shubina, Alexandr Mashanov, Alyona Mitropova)

2021: “Ecology of consciousness”, “Lived and worked” Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia (Timofey Glinin, Anastasia Shubina, Alexandr Mashanov, Alyona Mitropova)


2024: “Haqiqa” (Directors: Shubina, Glinin / 60 min / Documentary), work in progress

2023: “Piblokto” (Directors, Cinematographers: Shubina, Glinn / 40 min / Documentary, experimental)

2021: “Dislocations” (Directors: Shubina, Glinn / 7 min / Experimental)

2019: “The Art of Falling Apart” (Directors: Shubina, Glinin / 60 min / Documentary)

Education and experience

Anastasia Shubina

2020 — Present: Freelance photographer

2020 — 2023: Docdocdoc School of Contemporary Photography

2017 — Present:  Film director and producer at Rhizomefilms

2017:  St. Petersburg School of New Cinema (extern)

2013 — 2015: Saint Petersburg State University, Institute of Philosophy

2008 — 2014: Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology

Timofey Glinin

2017 — Present:  Film director and producer at Rhizomefilms

2017:  St. Petersburg School of New Cinema (extern)

2018 — Present:  scientific director in Open longevity (USA)

2018: PhD in biology

2016 — Present: CEO in Neurotechnology LTD. 

2008 — 2014: Saint Petersburg State University, Faculty of Biology